What do our ideas need to become successful accomplishments? Work?

The creative process meets the road.

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A friend of mine sets a mood in her study. She plays music quietly in the background, lights a candle, makes hot tea, and surrounds herself and guests with books and objects that serve as conversation starters. You can’t help but sink in one of her comfy chairs, let the mood take you away, think and talk about ideas and thoughts about life.

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In contrast, at work I have a L-shaped desk with a black computer and all the gadgets needed to perform my work ergonomically. I have a small window that gives me enough light to remind me that the world exists outside of the office. There are two decent chairs for co-workers to sit in for a quick meeting. It’s formal. It’s work.

If I am in my creative element of my own design I am sitting in my library with my make shift t.v. tray desk. I light a candle, mostly because I like the smell. I have a hot cup of coffee and the house is silent so that I can hear a plane overhead, or the sound of the wind rustle through the field across the road. I have all my books surrounding me. They give me comfort and I can refer to them as I meditate on life and work through ideas. My cat is normally close by to give me a nod of approval. She likes to be close.

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It is at this moment that I am free from the cares of the world and can enter a place that I never want to leave. A place where it’s okay to dream, where I can explore new ideas, and can practice writing. It’s there I can make plans for developing a business and dream of what our life will be like once we down size and free ourselves from the weight of debt. It’s at this moment that I can truly be me. The wind soothes my soul and the silence soothes my mind.

When I really want to work I sit at the kitchen table. I get the same view that I have in the library, but something about the table gives my mind the indication that it’s time to work. I am surrounded by what I need to get the job done, still have a cup of hot coffee, and the cat lays at the end of the table. The uniformity and strictness of the table indicates that it’s time to work. We aren’t working through the creative process we are working through our to do list. No candle needed. Just a desire to get things done and the willingness to do them.

Don’t forget to work.

When the stars align and the creative juices flow ideas are abound. I can’t keep up with my own mind. My heart melds with my mind and opens my eyes to see possibilities. Yet the thing that I often forget to do is transition my ideas to work.

Ideas for starting businesses, side projects, and for changing our lives are seeds that haven’t been planted yet. They cannot become anything unless we plant them and tend to them diligently.

How do we get stuff done at work?

We show up every day and put time into getting things done. We sit down at a desk and diligently work through our to do list.

We make phone calls, update spreadsheets, talk to co-workers, go to meetings, type out documents, and a lot of other not so fun things.

In this phase of our day the candle in front of the bay window seems like a distant memory and perhaps it should. That’s creative and this is work. This is an L-shaped desk with tools for getting things done. This is where creative meets the road.

How many great ideas have been lost because the work wasn’t put into making them succeed? How may wonderful ventures didn’t come to fruition because they never got their moment on the work table?

Let’s create something great. Let’s get into the creative process and dream of what is possible. Let’s get into a deep coffee candle wind silence coma and let our minds take us away.

Then let’s capture all of that and sit down and get to work and keep working until we realize success. Once we have succeeded we can light that candle, drink a cup of coffee in our creative area, and think up new ways to change our lives.

Now go. Get to work. Things don’t happen on their own. Your 9–5 demonstrates that. They happen by showing up and working consistently to complete tasks that will accomplish our goals.

Marcy Pedersen

Originally published at createandmoveforward.co on April 13, 2018.

Writer, analyst, life-long learner, and obsessed about improving life and work processes. Connect at marcypedersen@icloud.com

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