Traveling At The Right Moment Can Provide Clear Perspective on Life

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Sometimes relationships need space. We need a new view of the world. We need to get away from those who hover over us. We need to go somewhere where people aren’t suffocating us. We need to go somewhere where we can breathe and get clarity. On our journey of self-discovery we become stagnate and need something to move us forward. We feel like we have the answers, but can’t put things together. Maybe the epiphany has arrived. That moment where we start to understand ourselves and start to get what needs to happen to change our life. In order to solidify our new perspective we need to get away and mull over our understanding of life from a distance. This will help us confirm if we are on the right track.

While this seems simplistic it is vital. Momentous epiphanies in everyday life are hidden from the view of the world. They are unimportant. Nothing. What we painstakingly figure out others could care less about. We can easily skip over important moments and watch them fade into distant memories. But what if we went away at the right moment and while away considered what we have discovered. Take an outside view of our own lives and ask some serious questions. Take a truthful look at our life back home and figure out if we are living the life we truly want. Look at our life through the lens of our epiphany.

I boarded American flight 5788 on a cool sunny February morning. Anticipating a wonderful trip to Dallas to see my daughter. Her 22 year old life and courage have been an inspiration to me. Reminded me of how I used to be. About a month ago some things came together. I had that moment where thinks simply started to click. I felt the urge to see her. To immerse myself in her world and to get away from mine. I wanted to commemorate that moment of my life with a tattoo and knew she was the perfect person to share that with. I found my seat on the plane and sat down firmly. Confident that good things were ahead.

I landed and found her eagerly awaiting. She had things planned. Lunch, manicure, pedicure, tattoos, and dinner. It was a glorious day. I needed that tattoo in that city, at that time, with that person. I discussed the placement of it with the artist explaining that it needed to be visible to others as to convey fearlessness. I needed to be able to read it as a reminder of where I was today and where I needed to stay. There was no going back. After he finished I shook his hand. The whole thing felt intimate. He had engraved in me words that carried meaning and signified it was finally time to move forward.

As our weekend progressed I consistently kept in mind what I had learned about myself. I viewed my discoveries from afar. Where the things I discovered truly important to me? What was truly essential to my life? If I were to live here what would I replicate? I asked honest questions and accepted honest answers. As I walked and moved through Dallas I considered my life back home. What about this vacation did I enjoy? What gives me energy, revives me, and why? Am I mimicking these activities in my daily routine? What about my life do I want to keep and what can go?

This vacation was vital because it came at the exact moment I needed to get away and look at my life from afar. It gave me a fresh perspective and the space to ask some serious questions. I needed a few days with a fearless person to give me the courage to be honest about my life and what I want in it. It had to be her, at that time, in that place, doing those things. It was the culmination of what was needed to give me a clear perspective of my life and help me affirm that what I had discovered was real and was right.

Getting away at the right moment can change everything by giving us the opportunity to gain a clear perspective on our life. Being with the right people, in the right place, doing the right things can make or break us. I knew I needed to do things and be somewhere that was indicative of the life I wanted. Getting that at the right moment confirmed that my moment of self-discovery was correct. I was indeed on the right track. I knew who I was and acting that out felt great.

I boarded my flight home. I felt hopeful. At peace. I ate a bag of carb loaded popcorn while I waited for boarding to start. I knew it was going to be alright. I knew I had the power to change my life and that the ways I discovered how to do that were on track with who I am as a person. I could feel years of fear and anxiety melt away. I knew my tattoo was going to remind me of what I had discovered. I knew I would need the reminder. I knew that I had needed that weekend to give me a clear perspective of life. I know I will need it again and when I do it will be time to board another flight, be around the right people, and do the right things.

Marcy Pedersen

Writer, analyst, life-long learner, and obsessed about improving life and work processes. Connect at

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