How to fit in our art/creativity/thing we want to do on a regular “I’ve got too much crap going on in my life” kind of day.

My husband texts, “Taco Tuesday?”. A simple question really, but it has meaning. It’s a reminder that we are trying to shift our life and do things that we haven’t done in a long time. Like ditch all that stuff waiting at home for us after work and go have fun. It’s a reminder that we are nervous about a lot of stuff and in need of relief. It’s a cry for help. Get me out of this damn place. Let’s do tacos. That’s a healthier answer than let’s get plastered, divorced, have an affair, or burn the damn house down. Okay, tacos sounds good.

I plop into the car after a frustrating day at work. My energy is fading because I am thinking about our third child that just moved away, how our son is on his first road trip/college adventure with buddies, and how I am confused about pretty much everything in my life. Then it hits me. How am I going to get my blog post written, get something posted on Instagram, practice writing, read, and pursue all those things that are important to me. I mean if I don’t fall asleep on the way to the restaurant I will be lucky.

Fitting It In

Life has way too much of everything. If we want to stay inspired to pursue some form of art or creative idea then we need to fit in what we can when we can. I really can’t say what will work for you, but I can assure you that despite how crazy your life is right now you can fit in some things that will keep your artistic/creative dream alive and help you get some things done.

Here is what worked for me.

1. I listened to a podcast about blogging on the way to meet my husband.

2. Yesterday was do a spreadsheet all day at work day so I listened to Malcolm Gladwell’s book David and Goliath. I am not even a big audio book fan, but I can listen to Gladwell all day. His stories move me and give me hope.

3. I wrote on my lunch hour.

4. I updated Instagram on the way to the restaurant.

5. I let my confusion and grief talk to me. There could be a story idea in that. I wasn’t sure so I listened to what my heart and mind were saying.

6. I relied upon my current understanding. This comes from reading MANY books, articles, blog posts, listening to You Tube videos, taking classes, attending lectures, and getting degrees. Everything that I had done, on days not so busy, I could pull from right now.

7. I read two new articles when I got home. Both were related to blogs that I write for. I was quickly feeding my understanding of the topic that I am trying to write about.

8. I spent a few minutes reading before I went to bed. I normally try to spend an hour reading every night, but during the week that doesn’t always happen. Last night I was happy to get in a few minutes. It keep my brain fed and my habit of reading going.

I have had many nights like last night. Where I was overwhelmed and too tired to go on. I have started many blogs and deleted them because I couldn’t convince myself they were worth the trouble. I couldn’t work through the feelings that I was experiencing and keep moving forward. I don’t want that to happen again. I want to keep going with all my ventures. I want to succeed. I know what can happen. I know that I can get so sucked into life that I forget what is important and that I can wake up one day and wonder what happened. How did all that time go by, how come I didn’t make priorities, and why didn’t I pursue what meant something to me?

And you?

It is not important that you try my suggestions or a million other people’s suggestions. What is important is that you find what works for YOU! What is going to make me successful is not what is going to make you successful. We will each have our own cocktail of things that work, but hopefully posts like this one give you some ideas you can take away. Maybe you can update your Instagram in the car on the way to the restaurant or maybe you need to do something else.

The key is to find what works and stick to it. Don’t settle. Don’t say that you can’t. Accept that you have this important thing you want to do and find ways to stay inspired and motivated. Use anytime that you have to practice, do, read, or prepare. Keep moving forward. Time isn’t going to stop so that you can finally do what you want. If it does you might be laid off or in some situation that you didn’t plan for that gives you extra time.

At the end of it all I want to say that I tried. I want to say that I kept going. I want my children to look at my life and say she gave it her all. I want them to see a life lived following passion and pursuing purpose. What do you want to say?

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Marcy Pedersen

Originally published at on March 13, 2019.

Writer, analyst, life-long learner, and obsessed about improving life and work processes. Connect at

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