How the demons of legalism kill creativity.

Legalism as in the rules made up of others that we must follow. These rules encompass every aspect of our lives. The good book says I am free, but buildings encapsulate me. Each one having its own set of rules. Each one fighting for control over our lives. They suffocate you until you are blue and then when you go running for air they run after you shouting some more rules to get you to come back in.

Legalism isn’t dedicated to the corners of religion. It plays its hand in subtlety, worming its way in and out of our minds. It tells us not to do things. It asks us to put the book down and come in here. It says it won’t go with us. It rolls its eyes at us. Scorning what it doesn’t understand. It doesn’t get in your face and say stop. No it’s too clever for that. Instead it hints and drops clues. Why did you do that, what would you want to do that for, and why would you go there? Try picking up a paint brush and creating something amazing with that in your ear. Once planted doubt doesn’t up root itself easily. It filters into the roots of your life.

It is a sin to kill that which makes us alive. It is a wrong done. A rape of the mind. A death of the soul. What kind of monster wants to extinguish another’s life and replace it with their own dark soul. Perhaps you say this is too dark. It’s wrong of me to characterize others who are negative as demons, but demons they are. A flower tries to grow in the Spring, but a burst of winter kills it. It has beauty and potential and the cold extinguishes it’s life. It’s a darkness to extinguish the hope of others. Even if that hope is to merely pick up a pen and write a poem. Whatever the thing is you want to do it’s life. It’s your life and to extinguish that is a wrong done.

Demons get you into their army. They get you to let down your defenses and throw you in a dungeon. One day a small crack lets some light in. You are able to see where you have been for way too long. The light leads the way out helping you escape. The farther you get away the better you can see. As the blinders come off you begin to remember who you are and what you were meant to be. In time, their hold over your mind will fade. A remnant of them will always be there, but it will serve as a reminder of how far you have come.

Silence kills. Demons steal. Rules kill. In the end it will be just us. They won’t be anywhere to be found, but there will be proof of them. A life not lived.

Musings of life, of that wish kills our dreams.

Marcy Pedersen

Originally published at on September 27, 2018.



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