How Our View of Time Can Prevent Us from Getting Things Done In Our Lives

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A 9–5 View

Work has taught us that we need large slots of time to succeed. Our employers have convinced us that 40 hours a week is required to achieve success, but experts disagree. Biophysicist and theoretical ecologist, Erik Rauch, believes that an average worker today only needs to work 11 hours a week to get as much done as their counter parts did in 1950. Large slots of time may not be as effective as our employer’s think they are. Take a quick look at your day and you can figure that out for yourself. How much time are we spending actually working versus talking to co-workers, taking breaks, eating lunch, going to useless meetings, in transit, going to the bathroom, checking our phone, surfing the web, and the myriad of things we do that aren’t actually work.

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